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Metallica Monday

27 Jul

I’m addicted to this song. I need it in the morning, like a warm cup of Joe. It starts slow, with enough jolt to wake you up. Then a few minutes in, it ramps up. And by the end, you’re ready to rock!


Neneh Cherry Sunday

26 Jul

MJ Thursday

9 Jul

I have this song running through my head today. I wonder why?

Beastie Boys Monday

6 Jul

After listening to this song, I realized the Beastie Boys were much more then a white boy rap group. These guys can actually play.

Prog Rock Thursday

2 Jul

I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore prog rock fan, but Rush, Yes and Boston are all in my iTunes library. And some days, there’s no better sound then technically sophisticated, nine minute songs. Like Roundabout, by Yes.

Johnny Cash Appreciation Day

17 Jun

Happy Birthday Pete Seeger

4 May

Pete Seeger played Madison Square Garden with the Boss yesterday…and he’s 90. Happy Birthday Pete. You are the man.