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Tom Waits on Fernwood Tonight

27 Jul

This is a gem of a clip. Tom Waits shows up on Fernwood Tonight, (a seventies parody of the mid-western talk show format) on the premise that his tour bus broke down. Martin Mull and Norman Lear are funny, but Tom Waits is the show stealer. His best line is, “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me, then a frontal lobotomy.”


Metallica Monday

27 Jul

I’m addicted to this song. I need it in the morning, like a warm cup of Joe. It starts slow, with enough jolt to wake you up. Then a few minutes in, it ramps up. And by the end, you’re ready to rock!

Neneh Cherry Sunday

26 Jul

This is ghost rider requesting a flyby

14 Jul


Residents of a Detroit, MI apartment building were treated to a real “maverick,” when an F-18 Hornet screamed past. The story is short, the photo speaks for itself.

Take some dancing lessons from the King

9 Jul

My friend Gary has a great post about “Taking Inspiration from Inspiration.” Michael Jackson’s death had me thinking about all the pop stars that benefited from his moves. Almost every pop star since Thriller, have in some way been inspired by his genius. But, Michael didn’t invent it. He got it from the Godfather of Soul: James Brown. Long before the Jackson 5, James Brown was out there, dancing in a class all by himself.

MJ Thursday

9 Jul

I have this song running through my head today. I wonder why?

Conan vs. James Ellroy

7 Jul

James Ellroy is a wild, unpredictable, unapologetic, self- promoter. But he’s a good writer. And he makes appearances on talk shows, like not other. This clip is of a young Conan O’Brien holding his own with a crazy ass guest.