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Think for a moment about the concept of the flame thrower

22 Aug

Reach the Beach

7 Aug


I ran the now annual Beach to Beacon 10K, last Saturday, and loved every minute of it! Not really. Standing around for 45 minutes before the start, packed in with thousands of other runners, was not fun. Also, around the three mile mark I was a bummed that I had 3.2 miles to go. And I asked myself several times, “Why am I here?”

That aside, the race was great. I found one runner (who I thought was “Bob”) and followed him until the 5 mile mark. After that, he turned on the after burners, and I slipped into medium gear. Pacing with another runner was the best thing I could have done. It helped me keep my breathing steady, and I never felt winded or out of breath during the entire race. That was cool.

The finish line was crazy! I don’t know who got all of those people to come out and see me run, but thanks! I kid. The lead runners of the race finished long before I got to the end. Ed Muge from Kenya was first and finished at 27:53. Thats sick. I came in 1,704th place, which is not bad when you consider that there were 5,248 finishers overall. So, I did better then 3,544 people. That ain’t bad in my book. But then I’m racing against myself so it really doesn’t matter.

All in all, the Beach was great. And I’d do it again!

Thanks to Amber and Kristen for the carpool, sleeping quarters, and carb load. So generous! And thanks of course to my wonderful wife for wathcing the kids while I was off running all over Cape Elizabeth. Thanks buddy. I love ya.